Visualize. Secure. Optimize.

Aolytix is built to provide organizations of all sizes to proactively visualize, manage, and mitigate risks within their cloud environment. Dive into our solutions below to discover the transformative benefits Aolytix can bring to your organization.

cloud security analysts

Elevate your cloud security strategy

Aolytix revolutionizes security operations by providing comprehensive insights into your cloud environment. Detect and analyze vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and threats across virtual machines, containers, and serverless functions, all to bolster your security posture.

Comprehensive Visibility

Gain a comprehensive visual representation of your entire cloud infrastructure, including all resources, dependencies, and relationships.

Identify Security Gaps

Spot security risks, including unsafe ingress and egress traffic, allowing you to reinforce your network's protection and establish a secure environment.

Security Analysis

Customized investigation criteria tailored to align with your organization's security needs, enabling efficient risk analysis and mitigation.

DevOps Teams

Maximizing cloud efficiency

Integrate Aolytix into your DevOps cycles to optimize cloud infrastructure deployment and management, streamlining development processes, enhancing security, and improving cloud environment performance.

Proactive Management

Stay one step ahead of potential threats with preemptive detection of misconfigurations, inadequate access controls, and compliance infringements.

Cost Optimization

Identify underutilized, orphaned, or inefficient resources, enabling you to optimize cloud spend, reduce unnecessary costs, and eliminate waste.

Knowledge Sharing

Convert cloud data into in-depth reports detailing resource inventory, IP management, cluster versions, container registries, and more, allowing for collaboration and informed decision-making.

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