Diagramming Made Easy

July 13, 2023

A well-designed architecture diagram can help you visualize the structure of the system, identify potential issues and communicate the design decisions to stakeholders. However, creating an architecture diagram from scratch can be a time-consuming and a complex process, especially since cloud infrastructures are constantly changing. It's a never-ending battle because by the time you create a diagram, it has already become outdated.

That’s why at Aolytix we're excited to announce our new feature that streamlines the process. Our user-friendly tool simplifies the creation of professional-looking architecture diagrams, enabling you to visually communicate your cloud infrastructure with ease. By automatically importing your account information, Aolytix does the heavy lifting for you, allowing you to create diagrams in minutes rather than hours.

Example of Aolytix diagramming tool.

Streamline Your Cloud Infrastructure Documentation

Aolytix’s architecture diagram tool offers the following features:

  • Provides real-time information, ensuring that your architecture diagram is always up-to-date and accurate.
  • Documents your cloud provider, regions, availability zones, VPC, subnets, compute resources, storage, database services, security and identity services, and networking services in a single diagram.
  • Enjoy automatic layout and alignment of components for an organized and easy-to-read diagram without having to spend hours adjusting components manually.
  • Download the diagram as a PDF with the export option, making it easy for you to share and present your work to your team or clients.

How to create your own diagram

  1. Sign in to Aolytix and navigate to the account management page.
  2. Click on the Import Account button and follow the prompts to enter your cloud provider credentials.
  3. Once authenticated, Aolytix will automatically pull in your account information and populate the architecture diagram.
  4. Navigate to the network topology page and then customize the layout and filter components as needed.
  5. Finally, export the diagram as a PDF.

Aolytix offers more than just a diagramming tool. It provides real-time visibility of your cloud infrastructure, allowing you to stay up-to-date with changes and make informed decisions. This is particularly useful for organizations with dynamic cloud infrastructures that are constantly evolving. So, if you need a tool that gives you real-time information about your infrastructure, Aolytix is the solution.