Seeing Is Understanding

Gain visibility into your cloud-based infrastructure.

Aolytix empowers CISOs, CIOs, and DevSecOps Engineers to effortlessly identify any issues, optimize resource utilization, and understand the configuration and connections of their cloud infrastructure.

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Interface of Aolytix platform.

Find the needle in your (cloud) stack

Aolytix simplifies cloud infrastructure management, providing you with the necessary information, regardless of its size.


Keeping up with frequently changing cloud resources is difficult. Aolytix uses advanced analytics to model and provide visibility into your entire cloud infrastructure. The platform allows you to select which specific resources and connections to examine, so you can focus on what's important.

Detailed Insights

Aolytix offers a comprehensive view of your cloud infrastructure, providing you the information needed to make informed decisions.

Detailed view of Aolytix platform in grid view.

Documentation Simplified

Technical documentation requires careful engineering and security decisions. Aolytix is designed for IT, engineering, and security professionals to diagnose cloud infrastructure issues. It supports AWS, Kubernetes, hosts, and subnets.

Application Connectivity

View detailed insights into how your applications are configured across AWS as well as Kubernetes allowing you to identify connectivity issues as they happen.

Example of connected nodes using Aolytix platform.


Easily assess the strengths and weaknesses of your security with Aolytix. At a glance, understand:
• Resource communication channels and ports
• Resources on public subnets
• Database encryption status
• And more security insights
Identify potential risks and strengthen your cloud security posture.

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